feedheap | beta

Filter out items by phrases in titles, authors, tags, or posts

You can apply filters to individual subscriptions or to entire folders to exclude or only include items with whatever phrases you want. Apply up to 10 filters per subscription or folder, with up to 10 phrases per filter.

Filter out items by date

You can filter out feeds or entire folders on certain days of the week or months of the year. Great for filtering out team blogs during the offseason.

Show or hide images

Don't let your boss think you're slacking off. Put feedheap in "Text Only" mode to hide pictures. If you need to see a picture in an item, you can easily toggle between modes (buttons are next to the search button).

Filter curse words from item titles

In the same vein, filter curse words from the item titles by going to Settings -> Preferences.

Optionally leave new items uncounted, for subscriptions that are not "must reads"

Not all feeds are created equal. For feeds that are not "must reads," you can uncheck the "Count Unread Items" option in Manage Subscriptions -> Subscriptions, or when you first add a new feed.

Add your own tags to items

Add your own tags to items to help search for them later.

Supports sharing items via:

Import subscriptions from an OPML file.

You can import your feeds by going to Manage Subscriptions -> Import/Export and giving it the OPML file from Google Reader or other RSS Reader.

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